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02nd Mar 2023

Greg O’Shea reveals he had planned to propose to his ex-girlfriend

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Ah, poor Greg.

Greg O’Shea has opened up about his plans to propose to his now ex-girlfriend.

Speaking on The Sinead Says podcast, the Love Island winner revealed he had plans to pop the question but ultimately didn’t when he discovered she had been unfaithful.

Greg said: “There was this girl that I was about to propose to.

“Turns out she was seeing this other guy behind my back for six months.

“This is like a therapy session.”

In January last year, Greg split from his girlfriend of two years Kate Hutchins, confirming he was single during a Late Late Show appearance.

“I was with a lovely girl for the last two years and we had some great times together,” he explained at the time.

“But, unfortunately, we weren’t on the same page and we didn’t want the same things out of life.”

Back in June, Greg sparked rumours he was seeing Doireann Garrihy after fans thought they’d make a great couple following an appearance on her podcast The Laughs of Your Life with Doireann Garrihy.

Speaking on the podcast, Greg opened up about a hard time in is life following a stint on Love Island.

He said: “I remember one time I was back in Dublin and I was driving around and it got really, really bad.

“It got overwhelming at one stage, I was behind the wheel of the car and I was like, ‘alright this is going one of two ways’.

“I don’t want to get too dark on the podcast but it was basically a decision of, alright, either this is all over, or bring yourself to the doctor right now.”

Greg continued: “Thank God I did, I drove myself to the doctor and I said ‘‘I need to speak to someone right now’.

“They helped me thank God. I had to go on pretty heavy medication and that didn’t even work, they had to double the medication and it got really, really bad for a few months.”

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