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18th Apr 2022

A Girls Aloud reunion in honour of Sarah Harding is taking place

Sarah McKenna Barry

“She’s very much in the forefront of our minds.”

Nadine Coyle has confirmed that a Girls Aloud reunion is in the works, as they plan on honouring the life of Sarah Harding, who passed away last year.

Sarah died in September after being ill with breast cancer. She was 39-years-old.

Now, the group plans on reuniting to raise money for charity, and to honour Sarah’s memory.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Nadine shared that she plans on reuniting with Cheryl, Kimberly Walsh and Nicola Roberts for a special evening.

She said: “We’re planning a night for an event to raise money in honour of Sarah. She’s very much in the forefront of our minds.

“We want to raise money for a piece of medical equipment that helps diagnose cancer earlier so people can be treated. We definitely want to do something to help others.”

In a previous tribute to her friend, Nadine described Sarah as her “shining light”.

Shortly after her passing, Nadine wrote: “I hope you now know how much you are loved & how you impacted so many lives by being wholeheartedly yourself.”

Earlier this year, when asked about a Girls Aloud reunion, Kimberly told the MailOnline, that as they weren’t in “that headspace at the moment”, a reunion wasn’t looking likely any time soon. She also said that it wouldn’t “feel right without Sarah”.

Kimberly did say that they would mark their 20th anniversary – which occurs this year – in a private way.

She said: “We’ll definitely be doing lots of reminiscing, it’s amazing that it’s been that long. 20 years, it’s crazy!

“It feels like quite a big landmark for us, it’s going to be very bittersweet. But we’ll just deal with it as best as we can at the time.

“We know much the fans would obviously love [for us to do something] but I think they’d totally understand how difficult it would be.”