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18th Sep 2017

Here is what you get inside the Emmys gift bags and it’s incredible

These are incredible.

The 69th annual Emmy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles.

And as usual, all the glitterati joined forces to celebrate the best in television. Now every year, naturally there are winners and losers but after finding out what every celebrity who attends the events receives, it looks like winning is not the driving force behind attending because these swag bags are LIT.

Goodies include:

1 . Membership to Exclusive Traveller Club – This is a members club in each of the seven Catalonia five-star resorts. The membership includes five free nights at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro, a couple’s massage, personal trainer services, in-room BBQ, and dinner in a “top-class” restaurant outside the resort, along with other services.

2. Vuzix iWear Video Headphones – High-end video headphones compatible with 3D Blu-ray players, tablets, console systems, PCs, and mobile phones worth €350.

3. WOLVERINE Shoes – Each celebrity receives a pair of shoes from these American shoe brand known for their outdoor, durable style shoes prices vary but the average pair costs roughly €140.

4. Gift voucher to Canyon Ranch – Each goodie bag includes a three-night, all-inclusive stay for two at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona or Massachusetts.


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5. DELSEY Luggage – Each celebrity receives top of the range luggage from the Shadow 3.0 collection.

6. Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty Jumper – A graphic knit jumper that is limited to an edition of 200, each sweater is woven-numbered so you know what part of the collection you’ve received.

7. Flow Haircare Products – A collection of over 11 Flow Haircare products to keep your tresses looking sharp with only the best and natural ingredients.

8. Freeman Beauty Clay Mask – A serum-infused clay mask with activated Charcoal to clear pores by gently drawing out oils and toxins without over-drying.

9. Masana Portrait Artwork NYC Portrait Session – “Renowned portraitist G.E. Masana blends photography with painterly touches rivaling the classic look of a timeless painting with this heirloom masterpiece portrait. Following in the tradition of the Great Masters of Art, you’ll be treated to a private portrait sitting in Masana’s elegantly appointed studio in New York City’s charming Hotel Elysée.”

10. One Wish Light–Treasure soy Candles are the prettiest candles around with the most divine scent, each costing on average €20.


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11. Patchi Chocolate USA Chocolate Gift Box – Luxury artisan chocolates all of which are free of any additives, preservatives, and are all non-GMO.

12. Scrumptious Sandwiches, Salads, and Snacks Book–Simple, healthy recipes for school, work, and home keeping TV’s hottest stars in shape.

13. Thera Cane MAX Trigger Point Massager – A pain-relieving deep compression back massage to help break up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscles  like between your shoulder blades.

14. Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor–”Make your bed a smart bed with the non-wearable Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor and app. Receive daily sleep analytics and personalized coaching, and discover a suite of sleep tools thoughtfully designed for your deepest, most restorative sleep.”

In total, each goodie bag is estimated to cost just over €5,000, so win or loose on the night you certainly won’t be leaving empty handed.