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23rd Dec 2019

Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo breathes sigh of relief as she’s released from immigration detention

Christmas is back on for the star.

Denise Curtin

Georgia Toffolo is sharing her happiness to not be spending Christmas in an immigration detention centre in the Maldives.

The star who has been held in by authorities in the Asian tourist spot was told that she couldn’t enter the country or board another flight after they noticed that pages from her passport were missing.

They told her she could be detained for up to four days before being released because of the issue but thankfully, she was released earlier than expected and won’t be spending Christmas detained.

The star thanked her social media following for helping her figure out what to do next and also noted that the following is a “privilege” and can’t imagine what it would have been like for another girl in the same situation.


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Admitting that the authorities even ran though details of the prison she’d be spending Christmas in, Toff shared a message of warning for everyone travelling to check their passports and make sure they’re kept safe and intact.

“Please everyone check your passports I didn’t realise that 2 pages had fallen out of the centre.
SO SO traumatised but grateful thank you thank you thank you.”

Continuing, the star tried to make light of the situation noting that her Christmas was back on but wondered what she would have been served on Christmas Day as a prisoner.

“On that note wonder what I would have got on Christmas Day in the detention centre? Trying to make light of it but it was a really horrible experience.”

We’re happy to see Christmas is back on for the star.

She will be spending Christmas in the Maldives.