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03rd Aug 2023

Georgia Harrison fears Stephen Bear won’t pay damages from court case

Georgia Harrison has revealed that she fears that her ex, Stephen Bear, won’t pay the “record-breaking” damages handed down to him by the court following their revenge porn trial.

Bear was sentenced to 21-months in prison back in March after he was found guilty of sharing a sex tape he filmed of himself and Georgia.

It was then ruled last month that Bear must pay £207,900 in damages to Georgia, The Evening Standard reported.

Speaking about the trial on Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women podcast, Georgia said: “I have mixed emotions right now. I have a lot of people who are really excited about the reward.

“It’s the biggest reward of image-based sex abuse in Britain however, there’s a few things going on behind closed doors.

“It means potentially it’s going to be hard for me to see any of that money.

“At the moment although I should be celebrating and other people are celebrating for me, I’m not so hopeful about getting my hands on any of it.”

Georgia also said that while she doesn’t expect to see the money, her victory is a moral one and she is thankful her trial has now set the precedent.

“It is a moral victory,” Georgia continued. “It also sets a precedent for anyone considering committing this sort of a crime. Not only will you face criminal charges, you could well lose a large sum of money.

“He didn’t even try to act remorseful or try to act like a good person. He did a very bad thing, on a very obvious way on a verified account and did nothing to cover his tracks or apologise for what he’d done. I could never quite figure out what he was thinking.”