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17th Aug 2022

Gemma Owen spills the tea on how Luca gets on with Michael

Sarah McKenna Barry

Luca appears to be making himself at home among the Owens.

During his relationship with Gemma Owen in the Love Island villa this summer, Luca Bish agonised over whether or not Michael Owen would like him.

The fishmonger coupled up with Gemma towards the start, who as well as being an international dressage rider is the daughter of famed English footballer Michael Owen. Throughout the show, Gemma assured Luca that her dad would like him, but stipulated that it’s actually her mum who he has to impress.

Now that they’re out, it seems Luca is making himself at home in the Owen family, and he even joined them on their holiday to Portugal.

Yesterday, Gemma spoke to Brian Dowling and Fionnuala Jones on The Six O’Clock Show about how Luca had gotten “approval” from her parents.

“Family thumbs up, very good,” she said. “We had a little trip, a bit of work, bit of relaxing, met all of them there. That was really positive and really nice.”

She went on: “Now we’ve got the approval, the ball’s in his court. Just waiting for him.”

Gemma said that when it comes to making it official with Luca, she’s “not fussy”, and isn’t looking for “a big gesture”, just “something nice”.

“Let’s just put a label on it,” she added.

Gemma and Luca were famously reluctant to slap a label on their relationship during their time in the Love Island villa. While Andrew and Tasha, Paige and Adam, Dami and Indiyah and Ekin-Su and Davide were happy to make things official, Gemma and Luca weren’t in a hurry to do so. While Luca worried that the lack of a label may leave them vulnerable in their couple, they ended up doing quite well and coming in second place behind Davide and Ekin-Su.