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09th Jun 2023

Gaz Beadle’s wife gives update after being rushed to hospital

Gary Beadle and his wife Emma had an awful scare after having to rush to the hospital following a family holiday.

Emma, who shares two children with the Geordie Shore star, said she needed urgent medical attention as soon as she touched back down in the UK.

Emma, Gaz and their two kids had been living it up in Corfu on a family holiday before Emma became ill.

Returning to social media after the trip, she shared a photo of herself looking exhausted in a hospital bed.

She wrote: “Did not see myself back in here anytime soon but here I am.

“So glad we got back to the uk when we did, so glad I was admitted into hospital when I was.”

The mum did not give any further updates on what had caused her sudden need for a hospital dash.

However, the reality star’s wife has always been open about her health struggles on social media, and last year revealed that she was suffering with symptoms of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Colitis is a condition which causes the colon to become inflamed. Emma spoke how when things flared up, doctors took some time to pinpoint what was wrong.

She described how she was often left with no energy and barely able to stand before she was successfully diagnosed.


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