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07th Jun 2023

Love Island’s Faye Winter reveals she found a lump on her breast

“If one person has a check today then I will be so happy”

Former Love Island star Faye Winter revealed that she found a lump on her breast while holidaying abroad with her girl friends.

In a candid chat, Faye said she is now undergoing a mammogram and ultrasound to “make sure it’s nothing sinister”.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the 27-year-old said: “I know that a lot of you have noticed that I have been quite quiet on here, especially since my girls holiday when you guys were like ”where’s all of your content, like why are you not letting us in on it?’

“I didn’t want to let anyone in too soon, I didn’t feel like there was a right time to speak to you guys but I feel like today is probably the day for it.

“If one person has a check today then I will be so happy, because I am going down for my breast care service two week weight triple assessment.”

Faye went on to share that when she was on holiday, she was putting on suncream and found the lump.


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She is encouraging others to get checked.

Faye said: “So I went to my doctors two weeks ago and they referred me and I’m going today and I’m going to have a mammogram and an ultrasound and make sure everything’s okay and make sure it’s nothing sinister.”

She explained that she doesn’t think it will be more than a cyst but that it’s one of those things that needs to be investigated.

Understandably, Faye said the medical mystery has been playing on her mind but is happy to get it checked as soon as possible.

Encouraging her followers to get checked, the star said: “There’s one thing I’m going to ask you guys to do today, it’s just have a little check.”

Faye went on to praise the NHS for their support and incredible work and followed her story update with a selfie.

She captioned it: “Thank you for all the support today!

“I’m going back to hospital on Thursday, will keep you all updated.”


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