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19th Mar 2018

Fans are convinced they have figured out the name of Khloe Kardashian’s baby

Could it be?

Denise Curtin

Could it be true?

Fans believe they have cracked the code on the potential name of Khloe Kardashian’s first baby. Last month, the star revealed she was having a girl and since then, speculation has been mounting as to what exactly the star is going to name her… hmmm.

Some believe the name is to do with the ‘cryptic imagery” the star has been posting recently. Taking to her Instagram account, Khloe has been sharing floral arrangements up close and in various shades over the past couple weeks. Many die hard fans of the celeb have spotted that she has never done this before and believe it is an indication that her baby’s name could have something to do with flowers and in particular roses… could it be Rose?

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Most of the images shared also contain no caption leaving it “open ended” as to the reason why she is posting the pic. As the Kardashian clan love teasing us with ALL their news recently, we have growing suspicion the fans could be right on this one.

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Note – for Valentine’s Day, Tristan got Khloe a collection of roses in the shape “I Love You” and a rose wall was at her baby shower too! Hmmm…

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We will soon find out I suppose, Khloe, who announced her pregnancy in December is due to give birth this April 2018.