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23rd Jan 2022

Emmerdale actors Max Parker and Kris Mochrie announce engagement

The pair thanked the soap opera for bringing them together in the first place.

Max Parker and Kris Mochrie, who play brothers Luke and Lee Posner on the long-running soap opera Emmerdale, have announced their engagement.

According to reports, the actors began seeing each other during the summer of 2020.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Max, who plays Lee, shared two photos and a video of the proposal.

The caption reads: “He deserves the world, but the best I could do was promise him my heart. HE SAID YES.”

Max added that it was the “happiest moment” of his life.

Kris also shared the good news to his Instagram, and posted two photos from the proposal, as well as a video of it taking place.

He wrote: “The beautiful soul that is my best friend asked me to marry him yesterday. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am.

“I love him beyond words, we laugh every single day and I’m so so grateful that he came into my life.”

Kris went on to say that he had “no idea” Max was going to propose, but that it was “just perfect”. He also explained the special meaning behind the ring and its connection to his own family.

He wrote: “Max had asked my Mum for any jewellery that my Gran had. Mum still had my Grans locket and he has had it made in to the middle of the engagement ring on the inside. So so special.”

He then expressed his gratitude to the soap opera, which brought them together in the first place.

Kris wrote: “Thank you to the job that brought us together, our incredible family and friends. And the amazing love from you all. I’m a very lucky boy.”

He finished off by saying: “WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!”