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21st Oct 2022

Ed Sheeran to launch his “own extra strength sun cream” for gingers

Charlie Herbert

He reckons his ginger locks would give him a marketing advantage.

Ed Sheeran is apparently moving into the world of skincare as he is launching an extra strong suncream for gingers – that he says will be factor 70.

The hitmaker already has his own restaurant and management company but it sounds like he is eyeing up a new business venture.

The singer, 31, who boasts a net worth of £260m (€297m), reckons that his own ginger hair and fair skin would give him an advantage in the market as people would trust him to know what he’s on about.

Explaining that it would be “for fun”, the hitmaker shared: “You would buy sun cream if my face was on it.

“Because you’d be like ‘He definitely knows what he’s talking about’ If you were going to a hot country and you needed Factor 70.”

The ‘Shape of You’ singer reckons his own ginger hair and fair skin would give him some credibility in the market (Getty)

There might have been a few redheads and gingers who would have liked some factor 70 this summer during the heatwave.

Instead, red-headed people in the UK were offered the opportunity to shelter in cinemas to avoid the searing heat.

But, whilst the ability to burn may be a downside to having ginger hair, there are plenty more benefits, as proven by science.