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29th Mar 2021

Dr. Alex announces break from frontline work to focus on his mental health

Danny Jones

The celebrity doctor is going to take a break after a “long and hard year”.

Dr. Alex George has announced that he is taking some time out from frontline healthcare work to focus on his mental health. He has prioritised his key worker role throughout the pandemic.

Alongside his medical work, the 30-year-old became a television personality following his appearance on Love Island, popping up on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and Loose Women. He has also become a social media influencer (the good kind), speaking openly about mental health. He was also made a Youth Mental Health Ambassador back in February.

Dr Alex has remained a practising doctor all throughout this time and has been working at University Hospital Lewisham in South East London during the pandemic. However, after what he has described as a “long and hard year” which has taken its toll, he is taking some time off.

In typically candid fashion, George made a point of reminding people that: “Recognising when you are becoming stressed and acting on it, is so important”.

He went on to say: “There are good times on the horizon as well as things I want to achieve, most importantly in my role but also in my personal life and with my new brand […] To be able to do this I need to look after my physical and mental health.”

Once again, he reiterated that you should “never be ashamed to take a break when you need it. I believe it’s a sign of self awareness and ultimately strength”, before reminding people: “be kind to yourself”.

The job of any healthcare worker is tough and immeasurably vital to the nation, but especially so during the era of Covid-19. Dr. Alex had been working in A&E for the past year and has described it as “the hardest year of [his] life”.

He described it as a “privilege and an honour” to have worked with his colleagues over the last 12 months and thanked them for helping him get through each and every day.

Like any healthcare worker, his absence will no doubt be felt, but a break from fighting coronavirus sounds just like what the doctor ordered.