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08th Aug 2014

Does Kim Kardashian Have Some Big News To Share?

The TV star admitted the news during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.


It seems there may be a little brother or sister on the way for one-year old North, with Kim Kardashian confirming she is trying for another baby.

When asked if she was expecting for a second time, the reality TV star told Entertainment Tonight:

“I’m hoping so. You know I kind of wish I was pregnant at the same time Kourtney is. She’s like more than halfway in, so you know, we’re trying.”

The 33-year old thinks being pregnant with her sister would be fun, saying:

“There’s a lot of craziness in the house, so why not add pregnancy hormones to the craziness? It would be like a partner in crime. Someone to know those cravings that you’re really going through.”

The star has also admitted to building a second nursery in her newly renovated mansion in Los Angeles. Although Kim has not yet confirmed she is expecting, she has revealed she would love a little brother for North.