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02nd Oct 2014

OUCH! Dj Fresh Claims Rita Ora Is More Interested in Being A “Public Celebrity” Than An Artist

“Some artists are much more focused on being big public celebrities."

DJ Fresh has hit out at Rita Ora today stating that he believes the singer is more interested in her celebrity status.

The pair worked together on chart-topping single, Hot Right Now, but DJ Fresh stated that he thinks she is “not so focused on being an artist”.

Despite the fact that Rita Ora has four number one singles and a number one album, Fresh compared her to singer Tinie Tempah who he has enjoyed hanging out with.

Fresh revealed he is annoyed at working with “public celebrities”.

“I’ve had situations where I’ve been stuck in the studio with someone and been told, ‘You’ve got half an hour’, it’s impossible,” he revealed to Digital Spy.

“Some artists are much more focused on being big public celebrities than they are on actually making their music. I guess for me and Tinie we’re both focused on our music, it’s great when that’s the case and you can get the opportunity to not have those issues with record labels, and all the stuff that shouldn’t really affect music.

“I guess someone like Rita Ora. Obviously I’ve worked with her but I think that’s a different sort of artist. It’s somebody who’s kind of doing film and fashion shoots and is more diversified and not so focused on being an artist.”