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04th May 2023

Could Denise Welch be Taylor Swifts new mother-in-law? Here’s everything you need to know

Matty is now reportedly dating Taylor Swift.

Loose Women host, Denise Welch has always been a huge supporter of her son Matty Healy’s career as frontman of The 1975 band.

She has a very successful career as an actress and TV presenter and has appeared in many roles over the years including on Coronation Street and Hollyoaks.

However, people are still shocked when Denise shares photos of her family with many not realising Matty Healy is her son.

She shares eldest son Matty with ex-husband, Tim Healy. The pair have another son named Louis who is 22 and an actor.


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New in-laws?

Denise has been in headlines today because news has surfaced that Matty is now dating American singer, Taylor Swift.

According to The Irish Sun, the new couple are set to go public in Nashville, Tennessee, this weekend where Matty will fly out to support Taylor in the next phase of her tour.

A source close to the Lavender Haze singer revealed that her and Matty are “madly in love”.

Matty and Taylor briefly dated almost ten years ago. Since then, there’s been subtle hints that the pair have stayed in touch or at least continued to support one another.

Taylor has even met her potential mother-in-law and there’s a photo to prove it.

In the snap taken in January, Denise is seen with her arms wrapped around Taylor.

It’s said that Denise is close with a lot of Matty’s famous friends and that now includes Taylor.

Matty and Denise are very close.

Matty and his mum have always had an incredibly close relationship. He even wrote a song about her.

His song ‘She Lays Down’ is about his mother’s battle with mental health which Denise has openly talked about on Loose Women.

She said: “I told him when he was older that depression robbed me of the ability of love.

“I used to lay down on the bedroom floor and pray for the ability to love my children again.”

Matty’s lyrics mirror that. They say: “She lays down on her bedroom floor, the chemicals that make her laugh, don’t seem to be working anymore.”

Speaking to NME, Matty said: “She Lays Down is about my mum. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

“I’m sure my mum won’t mind me saying this but she was so gripped by post-natal depression that she was coming into my room when I was a couple of months old, lying on the floor and actively trying to love me.”

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