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19th May 2018

David Beckham caught breaking serious royal protocol in the chapel earlier

Jade Hayden

david beckham royal wedding

Ah, David.

When attending a royal wedding, there are a certain number of rules you need to abide by.

You can’t arrive after the Queen, you need to be quiet, you should really cover your arms and legs a good bit, you must wear a hat, etc.

One of the other rules people must follow when attending a royal wedding is to not bring any food or drink into the chapel.

And in fairness, yeah, this is probably a rule for most weddings because who wants someone munching on a footlong sub or a 3in1 when two people are about to get married?


David Beckham didn’t start tucking into a footlong sub or a 3in1 or anything (unfortunately), but he did definitely break that rule… by blatantly chewing gum while sat in the chapel.

Pure just chewing like, chatting away, not a bother to him.

How brazen.

David was caught rapid just minutes before the marriage ceremony kicked off, and even though Meghan hadn’t yet arrived to the chapel, she was definitely on the way.

And David was just like nah man, whatever, gotta keep ’em fresh.

What a guy.

People were still, understandably, pretty happy that the big DB showed up to the wedding though.

Because he’s David Beckham.

And he looked exquisite.

Get it, David.