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27th May 2020

The Dalkey gaff where Matt Damon stayed during lockdown will be available to rent again soon


Matt Damon’s been in Ireland for a while, guys. Did you know?

The Hollywood actor has been self isolating with his family in Dalkey since the coronavirus outbreak began.

During his time in the lovely seaside town, he’s been busy shopping in SuperValu, chatting with Bono, and giving exclusive interviews to Spin1038. 

He’s also been held up in a gorgeous gaff that’s got a sauna, jacuzzi, five bedrooms, and a pool. Living the life, so he was.

Alas, all good things must come an end, and from the bank holiday weekend, Matt Damon’s Dalkey palace will be available to rent on Airbnb again.

Not that any of us would have sufficient coin for such a venture, but hey listen, it’s nice to dream, right?

The house, aptly described as a “stunning Dalkey hidden gem,” is located on Sorrento Road.

“Within a stone’s throw to the sea, this wonderful home is truly unique and offers an extremely generous sized living room, dining room, study, large games and pool area with a bar feature,” reads the Airbnb description.

“There is also a sauna, jacuzzi and plunge pool for your enjoyment.”

Divine. What’s not so divine, however, is the price with two nights in the gaff setting you back a considerable €2,655.

Hey, it is Dalkey.

Earlier this month, Damon told Spin1038 that he had thoroughly been enjoying his time in Dublin. He also called Leo Varadkar a “badass.” Because of course.

“You’ve got a president who just goes to the hospital and starts working!” he said. “I mean what a badass, it’s just on another level.”

You can check out Matt Damon’s Dalkey Airbnb (as it will forever be known) here. 

Images via Airbnb.