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25th Oct 2022

A comprehensive list of how Taylor Swift fans know which re-release is coming next

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Obsessed? Me, never.

If you know one thing about Taylor Swift, it’s this – everything she does is intentional.

This woman makes no mistakes, and when it comes to her latest album Midnights, there is only one thing fans are dying to know which of the singer’s re-release albums are coming next.

Taylor has been re-releasing her albums after they were bought by Scooter Braun, and to obtain full ownership she has been re-recording her music up until her sixth album Reputation.

With Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version) already ready released, fans are dying to know which is next and as they’re not coming out in order, it only leaves them guessing more.

With the release of Midnights, it left fans even more divided as the album seemed to be inspired by various albums, including those that are not set to be re-released.

But with the release of the Bejewelled music video, fans are more convinced than ever that Taylor’s 2010 album Speak Now is next – and they also think they’ve sussed the order of the rest.

In the new video, it is full of Taylor’s famous Easter eggs and we’re going through them to tell you exactly how they mean that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is next.

Firstly, the video came out on October 25th, the 12th anniversary of Speak Now.

Next, Laura Dern, who plays Cinderella’s step mother in the video, says to Taylor’s Cinderella: “Speak not”, so that says a lot, obviously.

As Laura and the Haim sisters, who are the three evil stepsisters, are giving Taylor hell, Enchanted is playing on a violin in the background.

When Taylor is at the lift, each floor is colour coded to allegedly represent each of her albums including the re-releases. Floor three is in purple, the same colour associated with Speak Now. Floor 13 is also purple, and the next re-release will be her 13th.

During the Speak Now era, 13 was heavily associated with the album so, yeah.

As she goes up in the lift, the floors are shown again with the same colours for each floor. Fans are convinced with this one as two and ten were both gold, while four and 11 were both red, representing Fearless and Red, respectively.

And then, she’s sitting on a clock and it’s showing the number three… the third album… this is self explanatory.

Before ghosting Prince Jack, Taylor winks at the camera and there are clips in her hair with S and N on them.

So as we have established, Speak Now is obviously next – but what’s after?

As some scenes reflected both the Wildest Dreams video and other 1989 era songs, fans are convinced that’s following as each of these scenes followed the Speak Now scenes. And following those were aspects of Reputation, which will be after 1989 if these are correct. Which then only leaves Taylor Swift to follow after.