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19th Aug 2023

‘At least I know’ – Coleen Rooney opens up about Wayne’s cheating

BY Joseph Loftus

‘At least I know what my husband’s doing!’

Everybody’s favourite celebrity detective, Coleen Rooney, has spoken out about her and Wayne’s relationship in a brand new and exceptionally open interview.

In conversation with the Vogue, Rooney described her relationship with Wayne as a ‘battle’ at times, however argued that there is still bucketloads of love.

She said: “We’ve had our ups and downs. Obviously everybody knows. It’s been hard to go through it in the public eye but there has always been love there. If the love is gone then, you know, it’s pointless. But if not, you’ve got something to work for.”

She added: “It’s been a battle at times. I look at any situation we’re in and think, ‘Could we move forward from that? Is it worth moving forward from that? I don’t just give up.”

Coleen, who is now 37, even joked about Wayne’s alleged cheating incidents, saying: “We’ve never back away from it. We own it. I remember having a conversation about this with someone and I said, ‘Well, do you know what your wife gets up to every day and night? At least I know what my husbands doing! it mightn’t be good, but I know. People lie to themselves.”

Coleen and Wayne first met when they were just 12 and living on Liverpool’s Croxteth estate. By the time they were 16 they were dating and they married at 22.

The happy couple have, however, been tabloid sensations, much of which down to Wayne’s numerous allegations of cheating.

Shortly after Wayne became a father for the first time he was in the papers after paying two escorts for a threesome. A few years later Wayne was arrested for drink driving while seated beside another woman.