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03rd Nov 2022

Claire Foy shares impact of stalker’s abuse in powerful letter

“He has affected every aspect of my life.”

Claire Foy, who starred as the young Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, has read aloud from a letter in court detailing the impact a stalker’s behaviour has had on her life.

Jason Penrose has pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm and distress and to two breaches of a stalking protection order.

Earlier this week, the Thames Magistrates Court heard how Penrose’s campaign of stalking involved him sending Foy graphic emails and how he would show up at her home.

Addressing the court in a letter, Foy said: “His relentless attempts to contact me are so traumatic. Every time I think this is sorted, it is not.

“I feel like there is nothing that would stop him being able to contact me. He has affected every aspect of my life.”

The prosecutor Varinder Hayre also addressed the impact the stalking had on Foy’s life, saying: “Ms Foy was terrified as she did not know what his intention was. She was in fear for her and her daughter’s lives.

“She was frightened knowing he was somewhere.”

Penrose was issued an interim stalking protection order in 2021, but subsequently broke it by sending Foy a parcel and a letter from the health facility where he was being treated.

District Judge William Nelson also acknowledged the impact of Penrose’s conduct.

He said: “The persistent conduct created very serious distress, a great deal of psychological harm and caused Ms Foy to make considerable changes to her lifestyle.”

Penrose is awaiting sentencing, which will take place on 28 November. As part of his bail conditions, he must live and sleep according to rules set out by the NHS Islington Trust. He is forbidden from attempting to contact Foy, and he must also surrender his passport to the police.