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10th Dec 2018

Cheryl gave a VERY cheeky response to the romance rumours surrounding Michael B Jordan

Now we're MORE interested...

Denise Curtin

Last week’s Graham Norton featuring Cheryl and Michael B Jordan is one to go back and watch if you missed it when it aired.

The predominant reason being to watch the undeniable chemistry and flirtatious behavior between the two stars as they join the Irish talk show host on the famous red couch.

The behavior, which was noted by fans all around the world, sent Twitter into a meltdown after the show with fans tweeting that newly single Cheryl and Michael B Jordan “need to be together”.

And now, Cheryl has spoken about the noted connection with the 31-year-old Creed star. Talking to Capital FM, Cheyl gave quite the cheeky response when asked what was going on between them.

“I promise you nothing’s happening. That’s a pinkie promise… yet,” responded the Love Made Me Do It star. Teasing the potential of a future romance, the Geordie is keeping things open ended leading us to speculate, is something actually happening? Did the pair keep in touch post-show? We’re so intrigued to find out more.