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16th Jan 2023

Charlie Bird shares good news as he gives Motor Neurone Disease update

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Amazing news!

Charlie Bird has shared some good news as he updated his followers on his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis.

The RTE journalist was diagnosed with the illness in 2021 after he found that he was having issues with his voice and has since been giving health updates regularly on social media.

The broadcaster revealed on Sunday that he has been given some positive news regarding his health.

Sharing the update on Twitter, Charlie said he will likely be able to maintain some of his mobility in the future.

He wrote: “I want to thank everyone who have been praying for me, I got a bit of good news the other day I have been told I may not end up totally immobile.

“Thank you all for your prayers. My heart goes out to all the MND patients who end up totally immobile.”

The disease has primarily affected Charlie’s speech and has left him relying on voice technology to communicate.

Speaking just after Christmas, Charlie revealed that his Motor Neurone Disease had moved to his limbs and the fear was that he would lose his mobility also.

He wrote earlier in January: “My health is unfortunately in a much worse situation my motor neurone is moving to my limbs. But I am not giving up the fight. Thanks for your kindness.”

Last year, Charlie spoke with about his new speak technology which allows him to communicate with others despite his speech deteriorating.

“What we’ve been doing, if somebody has been diagnosed with Parkinsons, or MND or maybe had an accident, record your voice now and then when it goes down, you have it. But the technology can be good for everyone,” Charlie said.

“Nothing is going to change, unfortunately, every day somebody is diagnosed MND and it is one of the most dreadful things. You should see me now, every time I sit to eat, believe you and me, it’s hell.”

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