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06th Sep 2023

Charleen Murphy hits back at trolls after being body shamed

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Charleen Murphy has hit back at trolls after she was body shamed online over her weight.

The Irish influencer took to TikTok on Tuesday to address a comment that had been left on one of her recent videos, which read: “What’s your bulking plan looks like its working well for u?”

Taking to another video, Charleen hit back at the troll, saying that she hoped the comment made them “feel better about yourself because you clearly need it.”

She continued: “But you’re right, I have put on weight over the past few months. It’s been summer. Weight gain, weight fluctuation is normal.

“I’m not going to go into the reasons why I’ve gained weight. I was going to, but I was like why would I explain myself to you? But just know that it’s normal. Life is not a straight path, unfortunately, and neither is your weight.

@charleenmurphyy Replying to @ghost ♬ original sound – Charleen Murphy

“Your weight is going to go up and down. It’s going to go up sometimes when you’re happy, sometimes when you’re sad. Things just happen, s**t happens, life happens. But my body, I’m so grateful for what it does for me every day.”

The Hold My Drink podcast host went on to say her body “keeps me alive” and “it’s got me through some s**t times.”

Charleen recently broke her silence after appearing in court when the man who has been accused of attacking her was being sent forward for trial.

The 27-year-old man, Craig O’Brien, has been charged with assault causing harm to the influencer following an incident that took place in a hotel in Dublin in February.

Charleen alleged that she was having dinner with a friend when she was approached by the accused and was “punched full force to the back of the head”.