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12th Apr 2022

Channing Tatum was in Wexford over the weekend

Turns out he’s obsessed with Wexfordian meerkats.

As the county in Ireland that receives the most sunshine each year, Wexford has proven to be a popular staycation spot with Irish sun seekers.

However, it turns out we’re not the only ones with a soft spot for the sunny south-east, and this weekend a Hollywood star made himself very comfortable there.

That’s right, Channing Tatum enjoyed a few days in Wexford this weekend, and delighted his Irish fans by posting about it on social media.

The Magic Mike star paid a visit to Wells House, which is a Victorian country house and gardens located in Gorey.

The house and gardens proved to be a hit with Channing and he spent a relaxing four hours there, exploring the grounds. Wells House is also home to a few animal enclosures, and the Hollywood star was particularly taken with one of its residents – a female meerkat.

Taking to Instagram, Channing posted a snap of himself with his new furry friend, who he had affectionately dubbed his “queen”.

In one selfie, he was up close and personal with the meerkat and captioned it” “My matriarch for the day, she’s a real one.”

In another, he admired the meerkat’s posing abilities and wrote: “I mean…giving face!”

The posting spree turned photoshoot didn’t end there, as he subsequently snapped a picture of his new friend chowing down on some yellow insects, and wrote “Feast my queen!”

Soon enough, they had to part ways but not without Channing indulging in one last snap. He took a photo of her with her back to him as she sat on a tree trunk and he said, “Until we meet again my queen!”

We are certainly hopeful that this means that Channing has his sites set on another visit to Ireland soon. Perhaps he’ll enjoy Dublin Zoo or Tayto Park just as much.