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14th Jun 2021

Brian McFadden pushes wedding out another year

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The couple was set to get married next year.

Brian McFadden hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to his wedding to Danielle Parkinson as he’s had to postpone it once again.

The couple has been engaged since 2019 and has been planning their big day since then, but it’s still being pushed back.

Planning on originally getting married this year, but pushed it back to January 2022 due to Covid restrictions.

The couple has again set another new date for their wedding, telling OK Magazine that the current restrictions could still get in the way of their big day.

Brian and Danielle welcomed their baby girl Ruby in May of this year, which has contributed to their decision.


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The ex-Westlife star said: “We’ve moved it again. We were meant to get married in South Africa this coming January but with Covid and Ruby only being nine months old by then, it could be difficult.”

“So we’ve put it back another year to 2023. Ruby will be walking by then and hopefully the world will be in a different state, and people won’t have to worry about testing and isolating as we’re having 50 guests.”

And among those 50 guests is one famous face, Boyzone star Keith Duffy, who is set to be Brian’s best man on his big day.

Brian and Keith formed a band together, Boyzlife, which naturally is a combination of their respective boy bands.