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17th Oct 2018

Body language expert says everyone missed the clue that gave away Meghan’s pregnancy

Cathy Donohue

Harry and Meghan

Yeah, we totally missed this.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared the news that they’re expecting their first child on Monday and now a body language expert has suggested that there’s one clue which gave away Meghan’s pregnancy but no one picked up at it.

In fairness, you’d have to be pretty up to speed on the ins and outs of body language to cop on to it but now it’s been pointed out, we can’t unsee it.

It’s all to do with the placement of her arm across her tummy and that’s a pretty common gesture for any mama-to-be to make.

Judi James, an esteemed body language expert who regularly appears on TV to impart her knowledge pointed out this recently and explained that this was something Meghan did at the recent launch of the Grenfell cookbook.

Speaking to Express, she said:

“There was the way that Meghan performed a very telling gesture as she walked from the car, placing an arm across her stomach area in a reflective act of protection and masking”.

Judi says that Meghan’s body language shows where her mind was at the time and yeah it all makes sense now.

Since embarking on the royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Toga, Harry is more protective than ever and you can see that in all the photos from this week.

A hand on Meghan’s back, holding her hand closely, at her side constantly, you can see how he’s careful to ensure his wife is looked after at all times.

Reports suggest the former Suits actress is expecting her first baby in spring 2019 and of course, some people think they have already figured out her due date.

Royal baby fever is well and truly here.