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06th Dec 2019

Ashley Tisdale hits back at the media after ‘shag, marry, kill’ comments get skewed

Olivia Hayes

She’s not happy.

Ashley Tisdale appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and it was certainly informative. While appearing on the show, the actress spoke a lot about her time on the Disney Channel, including how she didn’t get on with her co-star and on-screen brother, Lucas Grabeel.

However, in another segment, a fan called in and asked Ashley to play a game of shag, marry, kill – and the three people she chose were the Sprouse twins and Zac Efron.

Ashley was clearly cringing at the question, but went along with it anyway.

“Are you kidding me? You picked twins and Zac? This is so brutal, man,” she said before answering the question.

“I would shag Cole Sprouse,” she went on. “Who would you kill?” presenter Andy Cohen asked, with Ashley replying, “Zac Efron.”

“And you would marry Dylan Sprouse?” Cohen asked. “Yes! He’s such a good guy.”

Obviously, this caused many media outlets to write misleading headlines on it – but Ashley didn’t stay quiet. Taking to Twitter this afternoon, she screenshot a headline from J14 and said: “This clickbait is really gross to me. It was a GAME marry, shag or kill.

“Tbh all 3 of these guys are like my brothers, also anyone questioning why I didn’t pick Zac is very weird. Y’all know who my best friend is… I would be mortified if this said I wanted to ‘sleep’ with Zac.”

She continued: “Also THANK you to the fans who keep tweeting me about Kayla, her story is what really should be talked about but instead they talk about dumb stuff like this.”

Kayla is Ashley’s character on her new Netflix show Merry, Happy, Whatever. The role is very emotional, with the actress saying she was unaware of her character’s arc for much of the season.