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04th Jan 2023

Ashley James gets honest about pretending to enjoy motherhood

Kat O'Connor

Ashley James has opened up about how she once regretted motherhood.

The mum bravely spoke out about how motherhood can be glamourised.

Writing on her Instagram, Ashley shared that she struggled during the early days of motherhood.

She told her followers that there were moments when she regretted it.

Ashley wrote, “Naturally there will be lots of people who love the baby phase as they just love all the baby things.”

She continued: “When I felt so much regret and like I’d ruined my entire life by deciding to have a child (I was open about the fact I never wanted or envisioned my life with kids) so many people did the negative ‘just you wait’ thing.”

Ashley said that made her feel even worse because she couldn’t just flip a switch and love motherhood.

The mum, who is now pregnant with her second child, said she has settled into her role as a mum now. However, she said it is okay to have bad days because mums are only human.

Ashley shared, “I found a lot of the baby/parenting stuff quite boring. I’d dread being on my own with him for long periods.

“I’d find myself just wishing I had my old life back or felt like I was having to pretend to enjoy motherhood when I really didn’t enjoy most of it.”

Ashley said parenting now feels natural to her rather than “like a chore”.

Ashley is a mum to a son named Alfie. She is also pregnant with her second child, a baby girl.

Mums have praised her for speaking out about her personal parenting struggles because it is such a common problem.