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23rd Oct 2017

Apparently, people don’t know who Mika is and we are quite shook

Ah, lads.

Jade Hayden

How, though?

If you weren’t listening to Grace Kelly, Love Today, and Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) back in the day, seriously, what were you doing with your life?

There is the very real possibility that you were simply too young for such joy, but if not, there is no excuse to not know the man, the myth, the legend that is, Mika.

But, apparently, a lot of people don’t and we have some questions.

Most notably, how?

Mika appeared on the X Factor last night at Louis Walsh’s judge’s house.

He showed up, looked all dapper and class as Mika is wont to look, and… the contestants didn’t really seem all that interested.


Right so.

Some people online weren’t too impressed either.

How very dare they.

Others, however, were all over this Mika cameo.

They were also positively shook that people seemed to have never heard of him before.

And we don’t blame them. He only released some of the softest bangers of the early noughties.

The disrespect, indeed.

If there’s anyone who deserves justice in this world it is Mika.

Especially after last night.