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23rd Jan 2020

Angelina Jolie ‘doesn’t care’ about Brad and Jen’s reunion – and unfortunately, she’s the only one

Because apparently, everybody else does.

Angelina Jolie allegedly doesn’t really care all that much about Brad and Jen’s reunion – and why should she, in fairness?

The couple – who seemingly fell in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith – ended their marriage a few years back, leading to much speculation around whether Brad and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston were going to rekindle their relationship.

And although that’d probably be pretty good from a nostalgia POV – and despite the pair getting on quite well in recent months – chances are it’s probably not going to happen.

Still though, this hasn’t stopped the general public from absolutely losing their minds every time the pair have interacted.

At this stage, it does seem as though everyone and their mam is hoping off the fact that two exes can seemingly have a pleasant and civil relationship.

Everyone, that is, except for Angelina Jolie. Who apparently just doesn’t care.

“Angelina doesn’t care about Jen and Brad’s reunion,” a source told Hollywood Life.  “She already knew that they were friends and isn’t going to let it eat at her.”

“She’s moving on. She’s not going to let it sting.”

This comes after Brad and Jen’s friendship was widely documented at this year’s SAG Awards when images of them sharing a touching moment backstage were shared online. 

Brad was later filmed standing and watching Jen’s acceptance speech for her award and smiling like a proud dad, further leading people to believe that something was going on between them.

It probably isn’t though. Sure look.