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26th Jan 2023

Akon slammed for bizarre misogynistic rant about a woman’s “role”

Sarah McKenna Barry

He also displayed a shocking misunderstanding of fundamental biology.

Akon has been criticised on Twitter, after he made bizarre and deeply misogynistic comments about women during a recent interview.

The rapper was chatting to Joe Budden when he made sweeping and offensive statements about women, their role, and what he perceives as a difference in “mentality” between African and American women.

He claimed that women in Africa treat men “like a king”.

He said: “They’re not competing with you, they’re not fighting for equality because they understand that men and women could never be equal. Their roles are very defined.”

Akon claimed that women in America “get offended” if they hear the word “role”, and he claimed that everyone has a role, and these roles are the “infrastructure to life”.

He said: “How can a man and woman play the exact same role? Where’s the balance?”

He then said that in Africa, “the woman plays the role of the woman”, which he says is to “support the man”.

“The men, we are the kings and the divine of this universe, a woman can never compare to the man,” he said.

To support his deeply misogynistic beliefs, he went on to claim that men don’t need women to “create life”.

He said: “A man right now can create life without a woman, but a woman can’t create life without a man.

“If I wanted to create life right now with a woman, I would shoot my sperm, put it in an incubator and give it nine month, even maybe less with today’s science, and a baby will be born.”

He added: “A woman can’t do that. So men, we are the creators of life in actuality.”

On Twitter, fans were quick to call Akon out.

One wrote: “Help me understand the level of stupidity. Akon really said this with confidence.”

Another tweeted: “Akon. Sweetie. How do you not know how making babies work? Imagine being this loud and wrong in public?”



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