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07th Sep 2014

Actor Safely Lands Malfunctioning Plane Four Times On Way To Film Premiere

The star was on his way to the Toronto Film Festival when the incident occurred.


Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman showed that he’s got some seriously impressive skills off-screen as well as on this week, when he safely landed a malfunctioning plane while en route to a film premiere.

Freeman was making his way from his Mississippi home to the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of new movie Ruth & Alex when his private jet, which he was piloting, began to malfunction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Million Dollar Baby actor arrived 90 minutes late to the event but had a very acceptable excuse for his tardiness, having had to make four attempts at take off before returning to another aircraft.

“The slats would not retract in the air. On the ground they were fine, but in the air they were a problem. We were about ten minutes in the air trying to get them to retract but they didn’t so we went back and landed.”

“They still didn’t work so we went back. Had to put the plane away and take out the other plane.”

The star has held a pilot’s license for over 12 years and was adamant that he was “never in any danger”.