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20th Jul 2012

10 Reasons Why We Love Kate Middleton

If you don't love the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton already, we guarantee you will after reading these. And no, it's not just because we want her wardrobe.

She was once just a normal girl. She is now a global style icon. She will be a Queen one day. She is of course Kate Middleton.

And at we love her! Here are ten reasons why…

1. Her style – Nobody, except Vivienne Westwood who we reckon is just talking rubbish, would dare deny that Kate has an incredible sense of style. From her gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress to her cowboy-inspired attire for America, we adore all of her wardrobe choices. The fact that she mixes designer with high street and recycles her dresses makes us love her even more. She’s just like us!

2. She’s charitable – Her newly-acquired position within the Royal Family has enabled Kate to publicly back a number of charities that are close to her heart. These range from local children’s hospitals to art-based charities. As legend Stevie Wonder once sang; “Isn’t she lovely…”

3. Her elegance – It doesn’t matter whether she’s out in the rain celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, attending a dinner party with the Obamas or shopping at her local supermarket the Duchess of Cambridge looks effortlessly elegant and sophisticated all the time. Right ladies, it’s time to get on your glad rags and head down to Tescos.

4. She’s a family girl – Like ourselves, Kate is a family girl at heart. Not only was she ben there for Pippa during the whole fake gun in Paris affair but she still holidays with her family. It’s clear that she has also been welcomed into the Royal Family with open arms and gets on well with all her new relatives including Prince Harry. Then again, who wouldn’t get on with that cheeky chappy?

5. Her hair and makeup – From her signature liquid eye liner to her perfectly blow-dried mane, we love everything about K-Mid’s look. She manages to look preened without being over-the-top. It’s the sort of look we feel we could replicate ourselves but would most likely be unsuccessful. If only we had her beauty secrets.

6. She’s so pretty – Let’s face it Kate is a natural beauty and would probably look fabulous with no makeup and wearing a bin bag. We couldn’t be more jealous of her slender shape and warm smile. If she wasn’t so nice we’d go so far as to say we hate her because she’s too pretty… but we can’t hate her.

7. Her love for Prince William – So we’d probably still go for Prince Harry out of the two but with Kate around we have started to see Prince William in a new light. He’s a gentleman who clearly dotes over his new wife. And you can see that she adores and loves him too by the way she looks at him. They are too cute!

8. She’s funny – The Duchess of Cambridge is always pictured smiling and laughing. It’s clear she knows how to have a good time and all of us in the office would love to have a girls’ night out with her. Do you think she’d accept our invitation?

9. Her accessibility – Out of all of the Royals, Kate seems to be the most accessible. It’s like she’s one of the girls, except for the fact that she’s a Duchess and could literally get anything she wants. But the thing is she doesn’t act that way. She seems like the girl next door who could be your style icon and best friend all in one.

10. She’s a real-life Princess – Since time began there has been the fairy-tale of the ordinary girl turned Princess who meets her Prince Charming, falls madly in love and lives happily ever after. Until Kate came along we’d started to lose faith in this ideal. But she’s proof that it is possible and if you ask us it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!