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16th Nov 2018

Here are two things that employers really don’t care about on your CV

Don't put too much time into these!

Listen up, job hunters.

Looking for a new role or switching careers can be a long, hellish process.

If you’re at it right now, you’ll likely have spent hours poring over your CV to get across why you’re the most employable person ever.

It’s hard to streamline reams of information about your life and career to date, but one top recruiter has spilled the beans on what she tends not to pay attention to on people’s CVs.

One of those things is very surprising indeed – education.

According to Quartz, this recruiter isn’t interested in your school or college (provided your not a recent graduate).

“There have been times in my career where I could go a month reviewing hundreds of resumes and not recall looking at that section even once,” said Ambra Benjamin, a recruiting manager with Facebook.

She puts far more emphasis on relevant experience, she added.

Something else she doesn’t have time for? Fancy formatting.

She said that while she’d appreciate a creative CV, don’t waste you time on fonts and borders.

“I recommend keeping it PDF and also be sure it converts to text fairly cleanly so it doesn’t come through our system looking wonky,” she said.

These may seem obvious – emphasising your experience and avoiding distracting formatting – but it’s easy to forget these in the rush to apply for jobs.

Maybe run an eye over your CV once more to make sure your best qualities are what stand out!