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21st Jun 2022

5 books by female authors we’re dying to read this summer

Looking for something new to read this summer?

We’ve got you covered. From gorgeous nostalgic novels from Irish authors to stories of grisly discoveries in the California night, there are plenty of books just released (or are about to be) that have gone straight on our to-read list this year.

So, here are 5 new books from female authors we’re looking forward to reading this summer.

1. The Amusements, Aingeala Flannery

If you’re looking for some Irish summer nostalgia with a whole lot of remembering and a hint of regret, you’d do worse than to pick up Aingeala Flannery’s gorgeous debut, The Amusements.

Set in Tramore, the novel follows two families and their neighbours over three decades, as they grapple with the whisperings of small community life, the trials and tribulations of blow ins, and the roads they did – or didn’t – take. The Amusements is gorgeously written, and is sure to be one of your favourite atmospheric books of the year.

The Amusements is available to buy from June 23.

2. Seven Steeples, Sarah Baume

Irish born Sarah Baume might be best known for her stunning debut, Spill Simmer Falter Wither, but her third novel, Seven Steeples, was just released earlier this year and it’s been getting some stellar reviews too.

The book tells the story of two people who give up their lives in the city to go live in the country, opting to withdraw from everything they know in favour of something slower, but still haunted by loss.

Seven Steeples is available to buy now.

3. This Time Tomorrow, Emma Straub

Alice’s life isn’t terrible, but it could definitely be better. She’s happy, but she’s nervous, and right before her 40th birthday she goes to bed only to wake up the next morning and find herself back in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday all over again.

New York Times‒bestselling author Straub has been praised this year for her thoughtful story of time travel, love, loss, and really making time for the ones you love.

This Time Tomorrow is available to buy now.

4. Nightcrawling, Leila Motley

If you fancy a novel that’s as stylish as it is likely to get stuck in your head for weeks after you finish it, Nightcrawling is the book for you.

The novel begins as Kiara walks the streets of rundown California and discovers an event that represents the failures of the US justice system. What began as a drunken misunderstanding turns into the job Kiara never imagined wanting but now desperately needs.

Nightcrawling is available to buy now.

5. The Family Remains, Lisa Jewell

In the market for a book that’s compelling, intriguing, and also a load of fun to read? Look no further than Lisa Jewell’s The Family Remains. It’s got four deaths, an unsolved mystery, and a family whose secrets can’t stay buried for ever – what more could you want, honestly?

A sequel to her massively successful previous novel, The Family Upstairs, The Family Remains also stands as its own story, while continuing on the narrative we know and love (and that also sold over 10 million copies worldwide, just saying).

The Family Remains is available to buy from July.