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30th Jun 2012

Seven Sinful Makeup Splurges Worth the Price Tag

There are some makeup products you can do without and then there are those you can't. Regardless of price, we simply can't resist these ones.

We all have a particular makeup or skincare product that we just can’t resist despite its steep price tag.

But rather than feeling guilty, we got together in towers to celebrate our favourite splurge-worthy beauty products.

1. YSL: Touche Eclat

We know this product needs no introduction or description but we’re going to give you a brief one anyway. The Touche Eclat is one of the most popular makeup correction pens ever and is perfect for banishing dark circles, covering blemishes and giving your complexion a lift. We just dread the release of the foundation as we will certainly have to get it too.

2. Chanel: Le Blanc de Chanel

At almost fifty euro, this is not a cheap product by any stretch of the imagination. But what it lacks in affordability it makes up for in makeup-ability. And yes we did just use a word that doesn’t exist. Anyway, this Chanel primer is great for balancing up your skin tone and making it shine. It can be worn either alone or under your foundation.

3. Clinique: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

It’s like having an ocean in a bottle! Well it sort of is. This Clinique moisturiser suits pretty much all skin types. Moreover it feels really fresh and light unlike some other hydrating products. And that is precisely why we believe it is dramatically different and most definitely worth the price tag.

4. Clarins: Beauty Flash Balm

What’s that catchphrase? Oh yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Never a truer word was spoken. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm literally gives your skin a burst of energy. It works to rejuvenate tired or stressed skin and tackle other signs of fatigue including wrinkles. Now that we mention it we have had a long, hard day. Next stop, the Clarins counter!

5. Laura Mercier: Lip Glacé

Spending between fifteen and twenty euro on a lip gloss is a lot, especially these days. But we reckon the Laura Mercier Lip Glacé is worth it. Not only does it provide long-lasting colour but it also makes your lips appear fuller. And who said Scarlett Johansson had the best pout on the planet?

6. Bobbi Brown: Face Touch Up Stick

For those days when a spot decides to rain on your parade there is no better solution than Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick. Like with most of this collection we have to save up for a while before we can afford anything, but this is one makeup stick we simply can’t live without.

7. Urban Decay: Naked Eye Shadow Palette

With the Naked Eye Shadow Palette by Urban Decay you will not go wrong. Well we certainly hope you won’t having spent almost forty euro on it! But seriously this palette is worth the extra few cents and will last you for a long time even if you are wearing it day and night like we do.

Awk sure, everyone’s allowed one thing they can splurge out on once in a while. Speaking of which we’d love to hear what beauty products you can’t live without.