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01st Oct 2023

PSA: Five hair colour trends tipped to dominate this season

Brunettes and red heads, don’t look away, as ‘Bronde’ is followed by a number of darker tones for autumn.

We love a seasonal transition in every sense of the word, and our hair is no different.

Changing seasons, for a lot of us, means changing our locks, and if you are in search of a new look that aligns with the autumn colour palette, a recent survey has unveiled the top five inspirations, from sophisticated reds to rich browns, and muted blondes.

Landy’s Chemist have done a deep dive to save you scrolling through endless trends, and they have put together the biggest Autumn hues trending on TikTok that are set to take over this season.


With over 208m views on TikTok, Bronde is tipped to be the season’s biggest trending hair colour. Say goodbye to beachy blonde tones, and hello to cooler and more muted blondes for the pumpkin spice season.

Bronde is a low-maintenance hair colour that is the perfect sweet soft between blonde and brunette.

@_braggnbeauty Soemthing about a good bronde ? #brondehair #brondebalayage #balayage #natrualbeauty #idahohair ♬ Do It – Chloe x Halle

Copper Cowboy

This is one we’re likely all familiar with as it’s as gorgeous as it is striking. This red is a rich and buttery caramel tone that falls somewhere in between a brunette and a fiery red.

With over 145M views on TikTok, this popular colour has become a trending platform filter and is set to become even more popular.

@hairbyalexmenefee Im loving whats been referred to as Cowboy Copper!! Its so beautiful for the fall especially for my brunette girls who want to do copper but not go too light!! #cowboycopperhair #cowboycopper #fall2023hairtrends #fallhaircolorideas ♬ original sound – Alex Menefee

Auburn Brunette

Auburn Brunette is another popular shade of red dominating on TikTok this season, raking up 111.3M views on the platform for its fierce, yet warm look.

While the reddish-brown hue leans more towards brown, it still manages to compliment all skin tones and is a very low-maintenance style where the red is concerned.

@dvcolour FIERCE AUTUMN HAIR. Perfect transformation to a warm auburn for the fall winter time. #torontohairstylist #hairtransformation #torontocolourist #hairtok #hairinspo #fallhair #auburnhair #auburnbrunette ♬ Unholy – Sam Smith & Kim Petras

Beige Blonde

This one is unrivalled when it comes to matching your A/W wardrobe this season as its neutral, sandy, and pale tones are a perfect choice for the lighter haired girlies looked to tone down their blondes without going too deep into brunette territory.

With close to 60M views on the platform, it’s no surprise it’s gathering momentum as it captures the attention of, and is best suited to people with fair complexions, pink undertones, and light eyes.

@kaitlynoxborrow lived-in beige blonde ???? im in loveeee @Dev ✂️?? #livedinblonde #beigeblondebalayage #blondebalayage #fallhairtrends #fallblondeinspo ♬ family affair – JÆ

Chocolate Glaze

Am I allowed to say this one is my ultimate favourite? As a dark-haired girl, this one piques my interest for obvious reasons, but it’s the ‘glaze’ component that seals it for me.

It seems I am not alone in this as Chocolate Glaze is the most sought-after brunette shade this season for its glossy shades of brown that give hair the illusion of appearing healthier. With over 36M views on TikTok, the colour has caught on quick and makes its entrance for autumn just in the knick of time.

@vvalentinesxChocolate glazed hair ? Let’s goooo♬ suono originale – F_1