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31st Aug 2023

Are baby braids making a comeback after Euphoria star dons the look?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Baby braids, they were here for a split second before it seemed they disappeared from us, but boy did they have a good run.

However, it seems that the adorable hair trend is making its welcome return and it’s all thanks to none other than Sydney Sweeney.

A trendsetter in her own right, Sydney has brought back our new go-to easy hair hack.

Giving Y2K meets girl next door, the hair style sees a micro braids up-do with added extra large school clips.

The Euphoria actress took to Instagram to share snaps from her latest campaign for Samsung, but that was not what had people talking – it was her hair.

As you can see from the snaps, the blonde bombshell has her hair in a slicked back bun with a sharp middle part.

This look is nothing new, as I’m writing this, I have it in. The difference with Sydney’s is that she has two tiny face-framing baby braids coming from the crown of her head.


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Bringing them forward to her hairline, the look is instantly given more dimension and the two clips she has added on each side are nothing more than a fun accessory.

With the hair speaking for itself, Sydney went for a glam but natural make up look and a co-ord gingham skirt and shirt combo.

So how do we recreate the look?

Grab a small bristle brush and some hair gel, and slick it back the same way you would a normal bun, leaving your middle part out.

Create the bun but ensure you leave two strands out at the crown of your head – this is where the braids will come in.

Then, simply plait them towards your face and tie them with a small, clear elastic. It’s that simple, but doesn’t look like you’ve made no effort.





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