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15th May 2019

This 5 Lamps vid has us wanting to grab a cool summer tipple and hit the town

Brought to you by the LVA and 5 Lamps

Dublin. It’s colourful and it’s bursting with character and creativity.

It’s a mosh-pit of personalities, attitudes, cultures and incredible history. It’s creating, and keeping up with, the newest trends and advances. We have to admit, we love it and this video, made by 5 Lamps, encapsulates it beautifully.

Things both old and new hold a special place in the hearts of Dubliners. The architecture, the landscape, the new developments all add to the city’s character. It can be expensive, sure, but that’s true for most cities and it’s entirely worth the good times.

After a long day’s work or perhaps even a stint abroad, it’s the people, the venues, the pubs, the food and the drink that refuels us best, and ensures our return.

It’s the taste of home, this vibrant place, where so much is consistently changing, yet, it’s warmth and it’s character remains the same. It is what you make of it.

There’s one thing though that has always brought people together, brought them to have deep conversations (or talk absolute blather, which we’re sure has it’s place too) and have an all-round great time. It’s Dublin’s pubs, and they truly are the very best in the world.

Wooden floors, walls covered in memorabilia, cosy interiors, big personalities and warm individuals — it’s where some of the best conversations begin.

So, who’s up for a bitta pub grub and a pint this fine afternoon, eh?

Brought to you by the LVA and 5 Lamps