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03rd Apr 2024

5 reasons an electrical apprenticeship could be the career path you’ve been waiting for

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by ESB Networks

Career opportunities in a dynamic industry await

When we’re feeling stagnant in our jobs, it’s easy to just convince ourselves we’re stuck in a rut, and hope for things to get better. However, if we stay stuck we risk missing out on opportunities for growth and the chance to enjoy a dynamic, varied job with a bright future ahead.

If this sounds familiar, it could be time for a new career move, and an ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship may be the key to unlocking a wealth of opportunities the dynamic and exciting energy industry.

Through the 2024 Electrical Apprenticeship Programme, ESB Networks are recruiting the electrical apprentices, and if you’re ready to energise your future, apply today.

Now is an exciting time to join, particularly for women as the landscape of the industry is changing for the better. In 2016 there were no females appointed to the Programme, since then, there’s been an increase of 23% in female uptake . Now a total of 95 women work in craft roles across ESB Networks.

You can read all about the programme right here, but for now, we’re highlighting five great reasons to apply.

1. You’ll earn as you learn

You won’t have to worry about juggling jobs with your training, or digging into your savings. With ESB Networks, you’ll earn a competitive salary as you develop your skillset and work towards a valuable qualification.

2. There are tremendous opportunities for career growth

On completion of the four-year paid programme, you’ll receive a QQI advanced level 6 Electrical trade certificate, but that’s just the beginning. 90% of those who complete the programme continue to work with ESB Networks developing their skills becoming technical specialists, supervisors, and managers.

3. No two days will ever look the same

Your ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship will take you from the classroom to an array of different environments, both outdoors and indoors. The industry is truly dynamic and no two days will ever look the same.

4. You’ll work as part of an incredible team

Teamwork is a vital part of the ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship, and you’ll work closely with others every day. You’ll help each other out, work on joint projects and share successes with your fellow apprentices.

5. You’ll play a crucial role in Ireland’s sustainable future

Believing in your work is a an important part of any career, and ESB Networks vision is bound to resonate with you. ESB Networks has a Net Zero Strategy Vision, and as an apprentice you’ll be contributing towards Ireland’s clean electric future.

You can learn more about the ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship right here. The closing date for applications is 8th April.

ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship Programme is your gateway to a rewarding career in the energy sector, where you can energise your future while making a meaningful impact. Through a blend of hands-on training and classroom instruction, apprentices will earn while they learn, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic and innovative industry. Apprentices play a crucial role in delivering Ireland’s clean electric future.