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01st Feb 2019

This incredible video makes us want to visit Northern Ireland IMMEDIATELY

Rebecca O'Keeffe

northern ireland

Okay wow.

Okay lets talk about Northern Ireland for a minute, without referencing Brexit.

We spend so much time discussing the backstop, the boarder and whether there’ll be a deal or not.

What we don’t tend to discuss though, is that Northern Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And just a stone’s throw from us down here in the south.

It makes the perfect little weekend away with the gals (or with your boyfriend, if you’re arsed having one).

Anyway, if you doubt us, well we may just be able to prove our point.

We recently discovered a video of Northern Ireland – in all of its glory – and it will make you want to get in your car right now and hit the road.

The specially commissioned “We’ve Come a Long Way” short film (we promise its just 4 minutes) was premiered last night in Belfast.

The video shows everything the North has to offer, from breathtaking nature to bustling city excitement.

But we’re going to let YouTube doing the talking, so here it is.

See you there, yeah?