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25th Sep 2017

Uh oh! Looks like there’s another big problem with the new iOS update

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Olivia Hayes

With more updates, come more problems.

Last week, after the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 8, the new iOS 11 update arrived.

But instead of speeding everything up, it’s received a good few complaints already.

First of all, many iPhone users were concerned after it appeared their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were unable to turn off in the Control Center.

And now, users have found something else wrong.

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According to Design Taxi, Apple has decided that the multitasking option, which allows you to switch between apps, is no longer needed.

Users were able to switch between apps by pressing on the left of the screen, instead of having to double-press the Home button.

An engineer for Apple confirmed the update on Twitter:

And of course, people weren’t happy: