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15th May 2019

More elderly people than teens are using Facebook in Ireland

So, which one are you?

Ah, Facebook.

It certainly had its time in the sun, didn’t it?

Back in 2008, you’d be poking your mates, posting on their walls, and playing that Superlative game that died a death about one year later.

In 2012, you’d be tagging people in memes, posting eight Happy Birthday messages a week, and confirming your relationship status for the third time that month.

And in 2018, eh… You might read an article or two? Maybe?

Facebook to block all foreign Eighth Amendment referendum ads from today

The internet is changing and as it does, so do users find new sites they want to interact with, new portals to share their photos, and new ways to connect.

Facebook, as it seems, has been all but abandoned by the youth of today when it comes to posting public information and actual content users can interact with.

For that, they’ve all moved over to Instagram or Twitter.

Not the OAPs though. They’re staying put.

According to new statistics compiled by Mulley Communications and reported on by The Mirror, more pensioners are using Facebook compared to people under the age of 18.

Which, yeah, is hardly all that surprising.

Their data showed that out of the 2.8 million Irish Facebook users, 600,000 are aged 50+, with 270,000 being over 60 years of age.

This is in comparison to the 150,000 users aged between 13-18.

The study also showed that over 40s were far more likely to use the website than people under 30.

So, where’s your precious poke now, huh?