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20th May 2023

Her readers reveal some of their WORST date experiences – from catfishing to barking

Sophie Collins


The world of dating is a minefield. From apps to set ups and even blind dates, we’ve all had our fair share of disaster stories.

While some experiences might lead you to question whether or not dating is even worth the stress, there comes a time when you can laugh about all the wacky experiences.

We asked our readers to tell us about some of their weirdest moments on dates and they did not disappoint.

One reader told of how she met someone for a coffee and a walk who lived locally, but something he did ensured it was their first and last date.

She explained: “I went for a coffee followed by a walk with a lad that lived local at the time and we walked by a row of shops with lots of parked cars outside the stores and he randomly started barking at the cars.. First and last coffee date with him.”

We’re often warned online about the dangers of catfishing online and how to avoid it – but one dater arrived to her date… to a COMPLETELY different person than she saw in photos.

“I went and met a guy in a pub he wasn’t the same as his profile! In fact he was a completely different ethnicity then tried to lie about it.”

Finally, who doesn’t love a cinema date? Snacks combined with the entertainment is a win-win – but one woman was left raging on her first date for having to share.

“Went on a date to the cinema with a guy i bought popcorn for myself because he said he wasnt hungry.

“Waiting on the movie to start he goes ‘can i have the popcorn im very hungry’ left me with nothing to eat for the whole film, was fuming.”


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