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07th Apr 2018

This lad wants to change his daughter’s name for the most unfortunate reason

Jade Hayden

Ah, god.

If you had a daughter for a couple of years, would you be bothered changing her name?

Probably not – it involves a lot of paperwork, effort, and many other things that require a lot of time and we wouldn’t really be bothered, really.

There’s one lad though who has decided that he may want to change his daughter’s name for a genuinely tragic reason – because it’s the same as Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

We know. Surely not the biggest deal in the world and yet, here we are.

Writing on parenting website, Netmums, he explained that he worries his 16-month-old will get bullied because she’s called the same thing as the popular gadget.

He wrote:

“Our little girl is now approaching 16 months old and is aware of her name and talks extremely fluently, and more times than not when you’re asked what her name is by someone new they make reference to having one at home, or say something similar which is annoying and frustrating.

“Life growing up and at school can be hard enough, so we’re reluctantly considering changing her name to save her years of crap.

“We’ve thought of changing it to Alex which would be easier, but we may go for a complete change to something different as we’re not keen on Alex.”

If you’re not at all familiar with Amazon’s Alexa, she’s basically like Siri except she’s a pod you put in your house and talk to.

Basically, she can turn the lights on and play music and do lots of other things too.

We’re not entirely sure whether this lad’s daughter can do all of these things, but we hope so because it may be asked a lot of her in the future.

Or not. Who can say for sure?