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03rd Feb 2018

Finally! Mario Kart is coming to our PHONES and we can’t wait

Jade Hayden

How good were you at Rainbow Road?

Did you fall off the side 87 times before completing the track?

Maybe you drove super slowly to ensure your safety and eventual arrival at the finish line in one piece?

Or perhaps you played Rainbow Road so much that you were a total expert, able to anticipate each sharp turn and every impromptu flip?

Either way, the race is a Mario Kart classic and you’d be a fool not to be excited about it soon being playable on your actual phone.

The guys over at Nintendo have only gone and announced the news that we’ve all been waiting for – that Mario Kart will be available for download on smartphones soon, and we are very excited.

The game company are currently working on a mobile version of the game called Mario Kart Tour that will be available on iOS and Andriod.

Not much else has been revealed about the game as of yet, but we can go ahead and assume that it’ll include all our favourite racers from Toad to Princess Peach to Bowser to the little green lad whose name we can never remember.

(It’s Yoshi.)

Seeing as the mobile game is still in the works, it’s thought that it’ll be available for download by March 2019.

A whole year and a month to wait until we can trash people with blue shells from the comfort of our own iPhones… it better be worth it.