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11th Aug 2017

This calculator will tell you how much you can rent your place for

This is so handy.

Denise Curtin

Thinking of renting? 

A new app called Eliot & Me, created by data scientists in Silicon Valley has answered all renters dreams.

The app designed for renting via Airbnb or similar sites, takes into account all details about your home from the specific location to the number of bedrooms and gives you an estimate price for one day and one week.

The app uses a nifty algorithm called “Eliot” which according to the site ““learns from historical trends, competing services and products, supply and demand signals and its only agenda is to get you a fair price.”

As well as showing you the estimated rental value for your place, the app will also show you a separate list of rates for your place throughout the year, taking into account specific dates like St. Patricks day, Christmas as well as changing weather and historical trends.

You can then value your property on the site against other ones in your local area to see how it compares against the demanding market.

The last feature of the website and most definitely the best part, it gives you a thirst for travel by showing where you could go for “free” if you rent your place for one week.

Time to pack the bags.