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21st Jun 2019

This bizarre Apple AirPods feature lets you eavesdrop on people’s conversations

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Apple AirPods

This is nuts.

Apple Airpods are having a real moment right now, having become the butt of thousands of memes on the Internet.

And it seems that they’re making headlines again, because of a weird feature.

A newly uncovered Apple AirPods feature allows people to listen in on private conversations.

Yep, really.

Basically Apple has a feature on the AirPods that was originally aimed at people who have issues with their hearing.

It has since been realised that this feature is actually one that can be used to eavesdrop.

If you use the Live Listen feature, you can leave your phone in different places and listen to everything with your Apple AirPods. 

Someone call the FBI lads.

The feature works up to 15m away as well as through walls, so if you fancy embracing your inner spy,  you can. 

But remember, it is kind of rude to eavesdrop.