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31st Oct 2019

The AirPods Pro have arrived so, what can Apple’s latest gadget do?

Looking to purchase a pair?

They announced their release on Monday and yesterday, Apple AirPods Pro went on sale.

Like all Apple products, the demand has been absolutely incredible for the tech giant’s latest product which was practically debuted and launched within 48 hours.

Apple has revealed that the AirPods Pro are a step above previous AirPods, giving users a new kind of wireless experience for immersive sound with a customised fit.

So, what is it about the AirPods Pro that has people dropping over €250 to get their hands on the new earbuds?

Firstly, there’s transparency mode – this is probably our favourite feature. This feature allows you to listen to music while also hearing the environment around you. Let’s say for the times when you’re going for a jog, this mode will help keep you wary of your surroundings so you can stay safe at all times.

Customised fit – if you’ve noticed they look different, it’s because they now come with a choice of three silicone heads for the perfect fit to suit every ear correctly.

Resistance – the new AirPods are also sweat and water-resistant meaning you can hit that workout harder than ever before.

Noise cancellation – in a busy cafe? Having a Skype call? This new feature uses two microphones to adapt to the sounds in your surroundings 200 times per second, cancelling all background noise.

Audio sharing – now this is slickIf your friend also has a pair of AirPods, you can listen to the same song or movie together, talk about IDEAL for trains, planes and automobiles.

Aside from that there’s also the clever one-tap connection to connect your pods quicker than ever before and a pressure equaliser.

Sold? You can purchase the AirPods Pro here.