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14th Sep 2021

The best Twitter reactions to Kim Kardashian’s outfit at the Met Gala

Sarah McKenna Barry

“Kim K showing up in my Sims backyard after I took the ladder out of the pool.”

Last night’s Met Gala saw the biggest names in the entertainment industry come together to serve some truly ground-breaking looks.

This year the theme was American Independence, and stars took to the red carpet to bring it to life with some weird and wonderful choices.

One of the most puzzling looks on the red carpet was served by none other than Kim Kardashian.

The reality TV star donned a (quite literally) head-to-to black Balenciaga outfit, which covered her entire body, while her long ponytail and a train trailed behind her.

A man – who we can only assume is Kanye – was her companion for the evening, although the jury is still out on whether it was really him.

To add to the bafflement, Kim wore a full face of makeup under her mask, because, why not I suppose?


Over on Twitter, fans didn’t know what to make of the look.

One user felt that her look was quite ghostly.

They wrote: “Kim K showing up in my Sims backyard after I took the ladder out of the pool.”


Another shared a picture of Kendall and Kim together and said: “me having arguments with no one alone in my room.”

Others felt that she would be right at home in the world of Harry Potter, due to her striking resemblance to the Death Eaters.

One fan wrote: “Kim K and Kanye need to get away from us with this. No m’am, Expecto Patronum, bitch.”

Whether or not you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Kim secured her spot as the most talked-about celebrity at the Gala. Props to her – she certainly made a statement.